09 May People Who Live in Glass Houses…

…fully experience the joy of letting the outside in, a home with walls of glass that brighten the day – and one’s spirits - no matter the weather. Most of our Lindal Cedar Homes, from Classic to Modern, feature large and even floor-to-ceiling windows and...

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25 Mar Buying Land? Buy Smart

Selecting the right property is the first important step in the process of designing and building your green dream home. We all know the first rule of real estate is “location, location, location”, but the other first rule is “make sure you can build the...

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01 Mar Lindal Elements: Modern Simplicity

We believe that your new home should be designed and built specifically for your needs and likes, your site, and your budget. Prefab, or modular homes, offer limited customization options, and are often not able to be modified to take advantage of the site (slopes,...

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05 Feb Celebrate With Us!

We are delighted to announce that Atlantic Custom Homes has been honored as Lindal Cedar Homes Top Worldwide Dealer at the Lindal Annual Meeting in Seattle on January 30, 2016. When we bought Atlantic Custom Homes ten years ago (after building our own Lindal and loving...

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17 Dec The Taliesin Mod.Fab – The Tiny House

It is an honor to have the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture as participant in the Lindal Cedar Homes Architect Collaborative. Each home is designed by a faculty member and a mentored graduate student and creates a stunning and intimate relationship with nature. One...

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01 Dec Why a “Kit” House Makes Sense

For over 70 years, Lindal Cedar Homes has been producing pre-engineered Post & Beam homes that are assembled on-site by local craftsmen. As beautiful as these homes are, they are essential “Kit” homes, a concept pioneered by Sears Roebuck & Co. which sold its Craftsman...

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